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Our Audits & Analysis include:

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit will allow you to discover how healthy your website is from a technical perspective and highlight improvements such as crawl issues.

We provide a comprehensive technical SEO audit that includes over 120 checks for SEO issues, ranging from surface level issues like duplicate content and broken links to technical issues like sitemap implementation.

Content Audit

Content marketing involves sharing videos, blogs/articles and posts online on topics related to your business. It’s not about driving sales directly, but about building your presence and reputation online and generating interest in your company and products.

Our content audits gather, categorise, and analyse your content across all mediums. We work with you to create a report with actionable items based on your overall goals.

Backlink Audit

Links play an important role in where you’re positioned in Google Search results. A backlink evaluation is a great way to review the quality of all the links pointing to your website.

Our backlink audits not only find potentially bad links, but help you to spot new opportunities to get good links too. Ultimately, improving your overall link building strategy.

Email Audit

Email marketing is a great way to update customers on your launches, promotions and events, and keep your brand front and centre in their minds.

With our email audits we assess the acquisition process, unsubscribe process, email templates, deliverability, and privacy concerns. We provide analysis of your results, with a clear plan of action, providing advice to solve any problems found.

CRO Audit

A CRO audit studies and measures the behaviour of your users to better understand what drives, prevents and converts them.

Our CRO audits place tracking software onto your website and are conducted over a two week period. This gives us time to understand first impressions, navigational flows, call to actions and the buyer journey in more detail. It is important to collect a wide amount of data to provide insights across your website, including heat and click map results.

Google Ads Account Audit

A Google Ads account audit is a review of your account to understand areas that could use further attention, additional work to improve performance or better ways to restructure spend.

Our audits review your account KPIs, campaign structure, keyword research, Ads, landing pages, tracking, and scripts to ensure it’s performing as well as it should.

Social Media Audit

A social media audit helps your business refocus your social media marketing on your business goals. 

Our social media audits collect and analyse detailed data from all of your social media accounts. This includes impressions, engagement, clicks, ad spend, and a review of your top competitors to see what they do well.

Competitor Audit

A competitor audit helps to discover what is working for other people in your industry, so that you can make those strategies work for you too.

Our competitor audit includes traffic analysis, market and SEO research, plus keyword opportunities from your top 5 competitors.

Website Security Audit

A website security audit assesses your websites security posture, highlighting any existing or potential weakness that hackers could exploit.

Our website security audit covers all aspects of your website including the core software, plugins, extensions, themes and infrastructure.

Our Audits & Analysis look at your target market, assess your competition, and give you actionable advice to get more ROI -
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