10 Reasons To Choose Us

Last updated Thursday, January 7, 2021
10 Reasons To Choose Us

Computer Service Centre has all the credentials to look after your IT. Here’s why it makes sense for SMEs to contact us now.

1) Computer Service Centre is available to our clients 24/7/365.

2) We become your outsourced IT department, working with you as if we were in the next office.

3) We appoint an account manager to work with you throughout the contract, according to our four-point onboarding process.

4) At our offices in Norwich and Lowestoft, we have a team of 70-plus experts in their respective fields including:

  • Software
  • Installations
  • Infrastructure
  • The Cloud
  • Compliance
  • Special projects
  • Support
  • IT solutions

5) Between them, the team supports 1000s of users, resolving hundreds of calls a month, and handling 100,000 support calls every year.

6) In addition to standard IT support, we also offer:

  • Managed critical updates on PCs and servers
  • Account management
  • ICT strategy and forecasting
  • Managed firewalls
  • Managed back-ups
  • Managing third parties as required

7) We use Microsoft Dynamics to track everything we do, including support cases. As a client, you can access an online portal with real-time, unedited data to demonstrate how we are achieving our service levels.

8) Computer Service Centre focuses on the future, aiming for 10-year-plus relationships with our clients. In an age when technology is advancing at an extraordinary rate, we have to look to the future to ensure our clients’ IT is ready for tomorrow today.

9) We have gained several accreditations and certificates – no other local competitor can compete with these – including BSI ISO 27001, confirming our standards of information security, while Cyber Essentials Plus means we meet national government standards for looking after data, while ISO 9001 covers quality management. We will also soon be accredited to ISO 14001, Environmental Management System.

10) We are a long-established, financially stable company in business since 1997 – so you know we’re here for the long term, ready to support you and safeguard your data for as long as you need us.

Call us now on 01603 431200 or email solutions@computerservicecentre.com


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