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Welcome to the home of Data Networks - We offer our clients the most secure, robust and scalable solution to their networking requirements.

How Data Networks Will Benefit You

Connectivity is the foundation of effective communication, particularly for multi-site businesses. These days, if you can't connect, you can't collaborate - and you can't deliver.

Secure Networks

Whether we are installing a Local Area Network (LAN) across structued cabling, wireless devices, or a Wide Area Network (WAN), our primary concerns are that your network will be both stable and secure.

Network Planning

We'll carry out a full survey of your premises to fing out which type of network is right for you, and submit a detailed proposal explaining our recommendations.


We can install all types of cabling, Wi-Fi networks, microwave links and laser links, as well as managed broadband, leased lines and virtual private networks.

MPLS Networks

We also have our own MPLS network, built using BT's core network, that means we can offer clients private networks that are physically independent of the internet and ideal for cloud-based services.


We specialise in stable, secure networks based on the latest technologies that give you the security, performance, flexibility and scalability you need.


You benefit from our excellent customer service, with 24/7/365 support and our commitment to 'first call fix' and onsite engineering.

Data Networks

We can keep your data safe and secure, no matter how and where you need to access it.

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Get yourself connected

We can plan, install and maintain your network infrastructure to make sure you're always fully connected.

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