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Managed business communications

Create innovative ways for your people to work together, build teams and share information, from AV calls to desktop sharing and instant messaging.

Unified communication

Unified communication

Phone calls, email, messaging, scheduling, staff status, Microsoft 365 apps and your CRM can all come together into a single, easy-to-use system that lets you work the way you want.

Robust & reliable

Robust & reliable

With all your data hosted at our secure site, you get all the flexibility with none of the hassle. Our state-of-the-art Nutanix HCI infrastructure offers 99.999% uptime and rapid disaster recovery.

Unrivalled support

Unrivalled support

We can boast a 99%+ customer retention rate and a 97%+ customer satisfaction score from completed support tickets within the past year – two stats that outclass the industry average.

Better service

Better service

Have total control over your communication. Deal with customer calls faster and better than ever before, and reveal how you’re performing and where you could improve.

Significant savings

Significant savings

Whatever you’re using right now, we are confident that switching your business comms will significantly cut your call, line rental and infrastructure costs dramatically.

Smart working

Smart working

Instantly see who’s available for a call, web conference or meeting, and make it happen with a single click. Internal comms, remote working and multi-site collaboration are a breeze.

Empower your people with the flexibility to collaborate like never before – from anywhere.Get started today

Our Business Comms Services

We offer the following products and services for business communications:

AV Solutions

Smart, innovative, and flexible Audio & Visual installations and support for businesses of all sizes.

3CX Hosted Phone System

Bring improvements in productivity, opportunities for remote working, and huge savings on calls with 3CX.

Business VoIP

A dedicated virtual telephone system to handle all your phone calls, with all the telephone features you’ll ever need.

Microsoft Teams

Get your business meeting, chatting, calling, and collaborating all in one place with Microsoft Teams.

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Why choose us?

Our CORE values get to the heart of what we’re about as a business.


We explain things clearly and take the lead in communication, so you always understand what we’re doing on your behalf.


Once an issue comes to us, it stays with us. We’ll keep on working until it’s solved, no matter who else gets involved.


You won’t find us making excuses or trying to shift the blame. We know the buck stops with us.


We work to your priorities, not our own. At the end of the day, if it’s not working for you, it’s not working at all.

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Cloud Telephony Guide

Cloud Telephony Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is business communication?

Business communication is the process of sharing information between employees within and outside a business. Effective communication is essential for the growth and success of every business.

Employees and management interact with each other to reach business goals, aligned with company values. It's main purpose is to:

  • Improve business practices
  • Keep employees informed
  • Reduce errors
  • Remove silos


How has technology improved business communication?

Technology has improved business communications by making them:

  • Faster
  • Easier to use
  • More reliable

Businesses can now connect with people all over the world, instantaneously.

Why is business communication important?

Business communication is important because it aims to help a business connect it's customers and employees in the best way possible.

Effective business communication can help:

  • Customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Interdepartmental communications
  • Productivity
  • Remote working
  • Company culture

What is unified communication?

Unified Communication (UC) is a term used to describe the integration of different communication tools into one system. This can include control, integration, and management of communication channels. UC products and services can also be integrated with IT business applications, networks, and systems.

Why do businesses need unified communication?

Businesses need Unified Communication (UC) for a number of reasons.

Some of which include:

  • Collaboration - Collaboration in or out of the workplace is essential for improving the productivity of your employees. With a UC platform, you can host a video, telephone, and web conference on the go and create an environment ideal for remote working.
  • Time saving - Fast and consistent communication helps to reduce the time spent in passing information. With your UC solution, all your devices across the network are unified. Making it easy to make and receive calls from any location.
  • Low costs - As they are centralised, UC solutions are cheaper to setup and maintain. When you choose a cloud-based system, you'll have a communication package that grows with you. That way, you only pay for what you need.
  • Increased productivity - With fast communication, your employees can accomplish more tasks within the day. Whether it’s making calls, receiving communication, or sharing files, with UC, sharing information takes a short time.
  • Huge efficiencies - When communication is made easy, there is fast communication between employees, management, and customers. With UC you can connect all your devices in one place.
  • Security - Make calls over an encrypted internet connection, to ensure your message goes to the intended recipient only.

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