Cyber Essentials Plus

Last updated Friday, January 18, 2019
Cyber Essentials Plus

Computer Service Centre is pleased to announce that we have recently been certified with the Cyber Essentials Plus standard. Although we were already Cyber Essentials certified, we have sought to improve our own security and therefore the security of our clients systems and data, by accrediting to this higher standard.

Cyber Essentials Plus means that our systems, policies and processes have been independently audited by a Certification Body, IASME, who in turn are accredited by The National Cyber Security Centre which is a part of GCHQ.

Right from the early days of the Internet, Computer Service Centre has sought to protect its own and its client systems and data by deploying best practice. We were installing firewalls and antivirus solutions as standard from day one, as we have always understood the importance of protecting systems.

To learn more, please visit Cyber Essentials from the National Cyber Security CentreĀ 

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