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IT Support for Estate Agents

As a provider of IT support for many estate/lettings agents, we understand how to get the very best from your IT.

Your business might be a newly-established franchise or a significant regional operation. In either case, you can be reassured that we are used to working within the partnership structure, and supporting the functional demands of gathering, processing and presenting property particulars.

What else can we offer?

Delivering first-class IT support for estate agents

We can’t promise to know every piece of software that you use in your business, but we have a great track record of providing a single point of contact, and supporting and integrating industry applications into a robust IT infrastructure.

Your business relies on its IT now more than ever before. It can be very difficult to decide on the best route or who to trust. This leaves many businesses with IT that does not work for them. Ultimately, eating into their revenue and time.

There is a common belief that changing providers will cause a lot of disruption. Having provided IT support for many estate agents over the last 25+ years, we can assure you that this is not the case.

With cyber-attacks increasing, we can offer a range of cyber security packages, designed to combat the latest threats. We can help you establish your own security policy, as well as recommending solutions to protect your data in the best way possible. 

IT services for estate agents

Some of the services we supply to estate/lettings agencies include:

  • Bespoke database programming
  • Experience of commercial, residential and land agency
  • Auction-house throughput applications
  • Post-merger network integration
  • Projects to support cultural change
  • Building your web presence

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Why choose us?

Our CORE values get to the heart of what we’re about as a business.


We explain things clearly and take the lead in communication, so you always understand what we’re doing on your behalf.


Once an issue comes to us, it stays with us. We’ll keep on working until it’s solved, no matter who else gets involved.


You won’t find us making excuses or trying to shift the blame. We know the buck stops with us.


We work to your priorities, not our own. At the end of the day, if it’s not working for you, it’s not working at all.

Some of the industries we work within

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